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June 16, 2007
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Fat Pokemon Admirer Club 2
by biffiea
Warning, This is a fat story. You no like, you no read.

       Elise had almost made it back home. She had been visiting her cousin in a different town. Needing to get more exercise, she had decided to walk there. Now she was seriously regretting that decision. Her legs aced something awful. “Maybe just one more break, I’m almost there anyway.” She sat down and rested against a tree.
       She was twenty, and worked for a local radio station. Being trained to work with computers, she dealt with them almost exclusively. Elise had long brown hair that went down to her shoulders, and was about 5 foot 6 inches. She wore blue jeans, and a button up shirt most of the time. On her belt was a single poke ball, that she pulled out as soon as she sat down.
       “King! Come on out!” The light was released, and solidified into the form of a Nidoking.
       “Nido!” He sat down next to her, and rapped an arm around her, hugging his trainer from the side. ”King Nido!” He nuzzled her.
       “Thanks King!” She had gotten King as a Nidoran several years ago. They had been best friends ever since. At first, he was resistant to having a trainer, but Elise’s kind personality turned him around. About a year after being a Nidorino,  Elise had gone out and bought a moonstone. She evolved him that night, and gave him the nickname he currently has.
       Elise enjoyed having a pokemon her size. It felt more like having another human around, rather than a pokemon. Not to mention, King liked to hug her, and she always enjoyed that. She could always count on a shower of affection whenever she let the beast out of it’s pokeball. She returned the hug, and sighed. “You’re the best pokemon in the world, King!”
       Nidorino had soft, lovely fur, which was a quality she wished had been passed onto to it’s evolution. Nidoking were fun to hug given their size, but there was something to be said for being soft and squishy, but the only way King would be soft and squishy would be if he got fat. She pictured it in her head and almost  laughed. Then, the girl’s eyes opened wide, and she looked around. “Nido?” He looked up confused.
       “Sorry, just got a funny feeling in my head.” King had felt something strange a few seconds ago as well, but he had brushed it off as unimportant. Though he couldn’t totally shake the feeling something was different.
       “Well, we better be heading back home! You want to walk next to me, or get back in your pokeball?” He pointed at her, and nodded, signalling he wanted to walk.

       Jacob couldn’t be happier with he way was club was going. There were a total of twenty members. Pokemon and human. Of course, the second any member got inside the club house, they instantly transformed into their pokemon form. These days, he spent more time as a fat Cubone than as a human! The only times he was a homo sapien were at his job, and when he was around town. Inside, he was pokemon.
       The club house, was really a second house. The deed had been sent to him, from Mew of course, and he had gone out to get everything they needed. Being full of obese pokemon, they went through tons of groceries each week. The local mom and pop store had been able to open up two other branches in the town since they started buying their  food there. They each took turns buying it though. The club was a secret, and Jacob buying enough food for an army every week would have raised suspicions.
       Every now and again, Mew would hand him a new watch, and give him an address. Most of the time, he went personally to “induct” the new members. As for what the club did, mostly eating, and belly rubs. They talked a lot. Five of the group members were either current trainers or retired ones, and they shared stories from past battles. They had tv’s, and video games around. Sometimes they had a game tournament, but every time they played Halo, Sandslash always won. Jacob sometimes wondered how he got so good at it.
       An affect of spending so much time as a pokemon was, he had started to see himself as a pokemon. He had referred to the rest of his race as “those humans” when he was talking to a salesmen. The guy thought it was weird, but he managed to recover. It was hard not to think of other members as pokemon, that was the only way he ever saw them!
       Right now, Jacob was in his obese pokemon form, and he and Sandslash were splitting a gallon of ice cream. The each lay on their bellies so they could reach it, and were tearing into it with spoons. Then, they each heard something land to their side. “Am I interrupting your snack?”
       Sandslash pushed himself onto his feet. Surprisingly, he was still mobile. “Yeah, now we’re going to just have to get another.” He rested his claws on his big belly.
       “Do you have another watch for us?” Jacob asked as he got up as well.
       “Why do you always think I’m here on business? I can drop by to just give you a belly rub you know!” He rubbed the edges of Jacob’s belly, and patted it. “But today, yes.” Mew teleported the watch to himself, and handed it to Jacob.
       “A Nidoqueen!” He said inspecting it. “She’ll be twice the size of any pokemon already in the club!”
       “Yep!” Mew said. “It’ll be great! You can have a club king and queen.” He hugged Sandslash’s belly. “You two take care now! Get nice and fat!” With that she teleported away.
       Sandslash looked over at his Cubone friend. “Can the club support pokemon that big? I mean, if her pokemon is a Nidoking, they’ll eat as much as half the club combined! Not to mention, the doors won’t be able to handle them.”
       “Well, we’ll have to handicap the eating contests, but we have enough money to stock the food. Mew always sends enough extra cash to keep us going. As for the architecture... They’ll be able to fix that by walking through the door, if you understand me. We’ll probably give them their own room though.” Most club members had pokemon beds, reinforced to support the extra fat. Those two would probably require a real bed.

       Elise reached her house on the edge of town. “Finally, back.” She walked over to the couch, and collapsed. “King, the next time I want to walk to another town, slap me.” Then, she heard a grumbling sound. It came from King. He put his large paw on his belly and whined. “Oh yeah, you haven’t eaten much today have you? Well, let’s get some pokechow for you.”
       The Nidoking had never felt so hungry in his entire life! It had come seemingly out of nowhere. Hunger didn’t just attack! It built up! Why was his stomach suddenly attacking his senses? He quickly followed after Elise, wanting at that pokechow more than he had ever wanted anything before.
       Elise pulled out on of the giant bags she had gotten before the trip. “Good for another week.” She observed the expiration date. She ripped open the top, and was about to pour Nidoking a big bowl of it, when he tore it from her hands.
       “Nido!” He shouted before he stuck his snout in the sack.
       “Woah there big guy!” She tried to distract him from eating, but couldn’t. “You must be really hungry.” A chime reverberated through the house. “Oh somebody’s at the door. Try not to eat us out of house and home while I’m answering the door!” She joked, but if she only knew what would happen.
       King barely noticed her leaving the room as he was totally engrossed in what he was eating. The premium pokechow Elise bought for him had never tasted so good! “Why aren’t I getting full?” he pondered as he continued to wolf down the contents. Indeed, despite how much food he was eating, his stomach was not appeased. Every pawful only sustained him to the next paw. When the bag ran dry, he tossed it over his shoulder.
       “Oh, why am I so damn hungry?” He put his hands on his stomach to try to alleviate the hunger pangs, only to be stopped by a pillow. On his stomach, was a five inch layer of fat. And not just there. Extra padding was all over his body! His arms and legs were visibly softer. His once hard, and rocky appearance, now looked fluffy. King experimentally pressed his paw into it, enjoying it somehow. “I.... enjoy being fat?” He couldn’t believe it. The poison type stuck his other paw into his gut, and gave a short rub. He loved the feel of it.
       His happy thoughts were interrupted, however, by the screams of fury from his stomach. “Huh, I need more food!” He pulled open a cupboard next to him, and found bread. Not thinking of being neat, he shredded through the wrapping, and stuffed an entire loaf into his waiting mouth.  He chewed a few times before gulping the entire thing down. The hunger driven pokemon devoured two more loafs this way, before throwing the door shut, starting to look for more food again.
        He looked next at the fridge. His arm shot for the freezer door, and pulled with such a force he nearly ripped it off its hinges. The starving Nido’s eyes found the ice cream almost immediately. It was a full gallon! In a flash, the lid was gone, and he was scooping from the carton, into his mouth. The starving King, could barely stop to taste it, he ate with such urgency. His stomach didn’t feel any more full, but it was. In fact, it was visibly growing. He was gaining pounds by the second as his starvation filled binge drove him after more food. Once powerful muscles softened into dough. His tail became weighed down by flab, and the weight covered his body in soft, pink, fluff.
       He came less picky about what he ate, as he tore into a bag a frozen french fries, and poured them into his mouth. Next, he turned to the vegetables. Potatoes, tomatoes, all going fast.
       Within a span of five minutes, he had cleaned out most of the fridge, as he sat there in all his obese glory. His massive stomach stuck out six feet in front of him. The pokemon’s flanks went out two foot on either side of him, and his wide rear was shoved into the island counter behind him, with his fat tail, going out to the side. His two new chins made his neck disappear completely. Lard had formed on his cheeks, giving King a very cherubic face.
       “It was just Jessica with my house... key...” Elise had walked back into the room, to find Nidoking incredibly obese. “King... what happened?” She walked over to him slowly. “How did you get so... fat!” There weren’t any more words after that, just shock and confusion. As she reached the edge of his gut she stopped.
       “King! Nido King!” The morbidly obese pokemon reached over with his thick flabby arms, and grabbed his trainer. She was pulled right into his fat gut. Elise stayed in the same shocked state of mind, as she sank into the flab. Then, she reached out, and hugged the giant stomach.
       “Well, you seem happy about it.” He was. Something about being so massive was great. She came back into focus. “How much did you eat?” Nidoking just smiled.
       It wasn’t so bad. Nidoking wasn’t very active anyway. It wouldn’t affect him to much. And this belly was... comfortable. Elise started to hug it tighter, as she was starting to enjoy being pulled into her pokemon’s massive stomach. It was so soft, not liking it was impossible! “King... you’re kind of comfy.” He just smiled at that, and pulled her into a bigger hug. Elise was starting to enjoy herself. She grabbed the Nidoking’s love handles and shook, which made the big guy laugh, sending ripples through his tons of lard. Then, Elise laughed to. “I didn’t I’d ever say this, but I prefer you fat, King!”
       “Nido!”  He focused on lifting his tail a few feet above the ground before slamming down onto the ground, indicating he was happy. Elise giggled.
       “Well, let’s see if we can move you. Even, if you are mobile, you’re wedged in there pretty tight.” They let their hug go, and Elise found herself instantly missing the fat embrace. She reached out and grabbed King’s paws, and started to pull. King started to push against the ground with his feet, and with a flash, King came flying out, right onto his trainer. “Woah!”
       The obese pokemon just laughed as he looked down, and saw Elise buried under his bulk.  Knowing he weighed enough to hurt her, King used all the strength he had, and got back up to his feet. “wow King! We’ll have to do that more often!” She wasn’t hurt, but had rather enjoyed being smutted under a half ton of pokemon lard. She grabbed the same stomach she had just escaped from, and used it to pull herself back up.
       “Okay, now lets see if you can still walk.” King nodded, and started to do an incredibly wide waddle. He looked like he was working to. No surprise really, There was no telling how much flab he had to carry around with him. “You’re still mobile! Thank heavens! Though, if you were immobile, we could still use your pokeball to move you around. An idea to toss around for the future.” She said with a smirk.
       Then Elise heard the familiar sound of the door bell. “Jessica can’t be back all ready. Stay here King.” He wasn’t to keen to start walking again any way.

       “Who are you?” She asked a guy she’d never seen before.
       “I’m Jacob with the fat pokemon admirer club. I’m going around asking if people are interested in joining our organisation.”
       Now that was a coincidence. She had just gotten into fat pokemon a few minutes ago, and here was an invitation to a club for her new interest. “You bet I’m interested. Come inside!”
       Jacob walked in, and pulled a pokeball from under his belt, releasing his obese Sandslash. “This is my big guy.” Elise was taken a bit aback. It was three times the size of a normal sandslash. It almost looked like a giant pin cushion.
       “Wow, he’s so cute!” She patted him on the head. “Want to see mine?”
       “I’d be happy to!”
       “He’s in the hall.” She led the him around the corner to where she left Nidoking.
       “Woah, he’s huge! He’ll be the biggest pokemon in the club by far! What’s he weigh? A full ton?”
       Elise smiled, “I haven’t taken his weight recently.”
       “Well, since you’re a new member, you get a club watch. Wear that to the club house, and people there will let you in.”
       “Really? That’s it? There’s no form I have to sign?”
       “Nope, just put on this watch.” He held up a watch with a Nidoqueen on its face. Elise noticed he had one with a Cubone on. She took it from him, and strapped it to her left arm.
       “Nice watch! I like the design too. Pretty neat how I’d happen to get the Nidoqueen watch.”
       “Yep, you’d be surprised how often that happens. Now just press the button in on the side.”
       “Like this?” She said as she pressed the side button. Then, a bright light engulfed her entire being. She could barely see outside of it! Elise barely recognised what it was before the full affect of what it was hit her. “It’s evolution!” Then, he clothes seemed to dissolve on her.
       It all happened so quickly, it barely occurred to her what was going on. Her skin became tough, and hard as it turned a deep blue. Her face reshaped to include a muzzle, as her ears relocated to the top of her head, and grew huge. Her tail grew and connected with her spinal column in the flash of an eye. Large spikes grew from her back, filled with a Nido’s poison. In her front, her breast shrunk a bit, and turned a solid beige. Elise’s legs and arms shrank in proportion to the rest of her, all caped in a numbness that was warm at the same time.
       She looked down, and from what she could see of her self, she knew she had become a Nidoqueen, and waited for the light to disappear, but it didn’t. “Huh? But I’m finished! Aren’t I?”
       “Nope!” She heard from beneath her. Standing a few feet down. Was a very fat Cubone. “You still have to go through the best part!” She instantly knew what he was referring to.
       The numbness faded, and she could feel every part of her hybrid type body. It was much heavier, but the new pokemon knew it would soon be even heavier. The warmth increased in intensity, Elise feeling it concentrate on her belly. She smiled as it grew in front of her. The poison pokemon put her new paws on it to feel her growth, and started to rub it absent mindedly. Though, that soon became harder, as fat started to grow on her arms, and forced them away from her gut, and soon, she could only hold her sides. king came to her rescue though, as he waddled around to the side of her, reached forward, and started to massage her expanding mass.
       Her thighs pushed each other apart, as they bloated to the size of logs. Two chins expanded under her face, as her “breasts” grew out into a rather huge pair. Wagging behind her from delight, Elise’s tail started to slow down as lard made it more difficult to move. Her rear grew out to huge proportions as her belly surged forward.
       When it was over, she was one giant, giggling blob of a Nidoqueen, only slightly smaller than the poison type next to her. King was nuzzling her massive cheeks.  She turned her head and kissed him on the snout. “Thanks for the belly rub King.”
       He smirked, “Anything for my beautiful, obese queen.” He kissed her in return.
       “Well, looks like we have a fine pair of love Nido’s for the club Jacob!” It was Sandslash, smiling at the sight of the two fat poke’s.
       “We sure do!” The fat Cubone walked over to the point where the Nido’s fat bellies smutted together. “Welcome to FPAC you two!” He stuck out his paw to shake theirs.
The sequel to one of my more popular stories. This time, completely absent of real character development. Not as good as the first, definately.
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