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Jessica: The New Guardian
by biffiea
It was a balmy day along route 144. Jessica was walking down the beaten path on her way to Helmsman Town, with her pride and joy by her side. It was a Vaporeon. Vappy (original nickname) was a female Vaporeon that Jessica had befriended at an early age. She happily went along with Jessica after her journey began. Jessica was ecstatic when Vappy agreed. She was an average build. Like every other girl at school, she had worn her brown hair long, and wore your standard Abercrombe & Fitch clothes. She had been on her journey for a month now. A late starter, her parents had insisted she wait until she finished high school until she left. Vappy was currently her only pokemon, even though she had seen plenty of wilds. Jessica wanted to catch only the pokemon that went on a team she had dreamed up when she was seven, and most of those lived on the other side of the country, so she planned on only having one pokemon for a long time.
She saw the town come into to view and pulled out her map. “Well Vappy, looks like we’ll be at the Helmsman pokemon center in an hour! It’s about time we made it back to civilisation!”
“Eon! Vaporeon!” They had been wandering around in the forest for three weeks! A good rest at a pokemon center would do them some good!
The sun was slowly starting to set as they walked into the poke center. Nurse Joy and her Chancey were behind the desk, waiting for trainers, coming in for the night. “Good Evening! In from the forest I see.”
Jessica sighed, “We’ve been lost in there for weeks! To bad we only had enough supplies for one. Some of the berries we give pokemon really do taste disgusting!” Vappy giggled. She remembered quite well the time her trainer had eaten an Oran berry. She could still picture the disgusted look on Jessica’s face. Vappy had always liked them though.
“So, you’ll be wanting a room and a check up for your pokemon? How many do you have with you?” The Joy asked.
“Just Vappy here.” She said as she hugged her Vaporeon.
“You only have one?”
“Yeah. I’m not one to just pull pokemon out of their homes for pokedex data. I know who I want on my team, and I’ll be sure to catch them, but until I find them, I just have the one partner.” Vappy beamed with pride. She loved it when Jessica referred to her as her one partner. It made her feel special.
“All right then.” The Joy said. “We’ll give her a looking over then check you into a room.” Jessica handed her Vappy, grabbed a map of the town, and sat down at a desk to plan out what stores to go to.
Let’s see. We need food for both of us, a new tent after that Beedrill attack, more sunscreen, “High There!” Jessica nearly jumped out of her skin as a boy about her own age came over to her holding up a Vaporeon. “I saw you come in with a Vaporeon too! Thought maybe we could talk.”
“Uhhh... who are you?” Jessica asked. She’d have to get used to this though. Trainers really did depend on the charity of other trainers. You had to work with each other to get anywhere in this business.
“I’m Jerry!” He said with a bright smile on his face. He was a few inches taller than her, had a pretty deep tan and jet black hair. He had a pretty benevolent look on his face, and looked to be pretty fit. He was a contrast to Jessica who had little color, and was skin and bone.
“Hello Jerry. I’m Jessica. So, you like Vaporeon too?”
“Oh yeah! I love them!” He said as he rubbed his cheek against his own Vaporeon. A large male that looked to be above Vappy’s level. His fur even seemed to be a deeper shade of blue. “Your name is Jessica? That’s my Sister’s name!”
“Really?! What’s she like?”
“Well, she doesn’t go out much, but she has a Pikachu that’s her best friend. They live in a house our Great Aunt left them. Let’s just say, her and her Pokemon... got really close to each other.”
“It’s difficult to explain, but let’s just say nobody in my family eats wild berries anymore, but that’s a long and complicated story. So how long have you been a trainer?”
“About a month now” Jessica was a bit shy to admit that she had little experience. Especialy since the Vaporeon he was holding looked to be a power house!
“Just starting out? Don’t worry. Everything gets easier the longer you do this. I don’t suppose you’ve been to Helmsman town before?”
“No. This is my first time.”
“I’ve been here once before on a family vacation. There’s a really neat lake to the west of town. “
“Va Porey! Poreon!” His pokemon shouted out.
“The two of us had a great time there. You should check it out and relax there a bit. There are all sorts of rare pokemon there. Dratini, Feebas. You wouldn’t believe it!”
Jessica was surprised to hear that. She had done a search on places where Dratini lived. It hadn’t shown there were any for hundreds of miles from Helmsman! “Really? How come I never heard of it?”
Jerry smiled, “Nobody’s ever managed to catch a pokemon there. They’re not exceptionally powerful either. It’s just... anyone who’s ever tried to catch a pokemon there has passed out, then woken up on the edge of town. It’s a bit of a mystery, but as long as you don’t attack anything local, you’ll be fine. You can go for a swim and nothing will bother you. The two of us are going there the day after tomorrow!”
“Va Vaporeon!” The big Vaporeon smiled and wagged his tail.
“Well I just have to get a few supplies. I suppose I can be there tomorrow.”
“Mam, your pokemon is ready!” Nurse Joy said from the counter. She snapped up, ran over to the counter, and picked up Vappy.  “You have room six down that hall. Here’s the key.” She picked it up and walked back to Jerry.
“So this is Vappy. You have a very cute Vaporeon.” Jerry observed as Jessica came back over. She set Vappy down on the table, who promptly walked across the table, and started to speak with Jerry’s pokemon. “Well they seem to be getting along well enough.”
Jessica was watching the two with amusement. “I wonder what they’re talking about.”
“Who knows. Maybe he’s telling her about the lake.” That was what they were talking about as a matter of fact. What Vaporeon didn’t find water to be the most fun thing in the world? They all talked for a while before retiring to their rooms.

The next morning, Jessica and Vappy were up early to get to the lake. Wandering around in a forest for 21 days can build up some stress, and relaxing by a lake for a day was really what they needed. They both made it to the lake at sunrise. The light of the sun had created a thin level of fog that danced over the water surface. In the quiet of dawn, Jessica could hear a variety a bird pokemon singing, and water pokemon jumping in and out of the lake. Looking around, she was a bit overwhelmed at the beauty of the area. Whatever had decided to keep people from taking over this place, had certainly made a wonderful decision.
“Okay Vaporeon, I’ll change into my bathing suit and I’ll meet in the water in  a few minutes.” She quickly changed out of her trainer uniform and into her ocean blue two piece bathing suit, and ran right into the water.
From a distance, at the other end of the river, were two glowing aqua eyes watching the trainer and her pokemon in the water. The creature had always been wary of pokemon trainers, and had made sure to keep them away from this paradise, but it was getting more and more difficult to do this. Human cities were expanding, and the lakes he wanted to protect were getting threatened more and more, but he persisted on in his mission to make sure these places were never disturbed.
His gaze grew intense as a Dragoniar swam over to the human. Don’t these pokemon know that humans consider them more valuable than jewels? He readied himself to attack, just in case the trainer got any ideas, but relaxed when he say the human pat the dragon on her head and hugged it, before the Dragonair started to race with a Vaporeon the trainer brought with her. Suicune had been guarding this lake longest of all, and seldomly did anyone come buy to cause any harm. Most of the humans that came by just wanted to take a picture or a quick swim. It appeared that this human was no threat to the peace at the lake. If she had no intention of capturing that Dragonair, what else would she be after?  Then he began to think about how much work it was to guard all these lakes. He often arrived in the nick of time to save a pokemon, and had even started to fail in his duty. Perhaps I need somebody to help me. Someone who will honor this place as much as I have to guard it in  my stead.

The sun was high as the time approached noon. The two had had an awesome day so far. Vappy had raced with with many of the pokemon in the lake, and had even gotten tips on how to swim faster. Jessica had floated around most of the time, trying to play with the local fauna and was now relaxing on the grass about to eat her lunch. “I definitely needed this day. Not to mention this place is beautiful! I’ll have to come back here some time.”
It was at that time that the world seemed to dim, like the sun had been powered down. Both Vappy and Jessica looked around, as if to find a clue about what exactly was happening. Something they found quickly. A few feet into the water, staring at Jessica with big glowing eyes, was Suicune. His streams were flowing around him, and a breeze that nobody could feel was blowing his mane back.
“Human!” Jessica shuddered. Was this the creature causing trainers to pass out? “I can see that your name is Jessica. Please be calm. I bear no intent to harm you. I have allowed you to stay at this lake, because I see that you are a very caring and responsible person, and not a greedy trainer.” Jessica relaxed a bit. Hearing that the guardian of the considered her to be a good person, made her really believe he was in no danger.
She timidly asked, “Are you Suicune? What are you doing here?”
Suicune smiled. “Indeed I am Suicune. It is good to hear that my legend is still told among humans. I am here at this lake because I oversee its welfare, and the welfare of all of the creatures that live in and around it. I do this for lakes all over the world. It is my own personal mission to make sure that places of beauty like this, remain untouched by human developers. However, lately, this has become difficult. Your species is expanding at a fast rate, and protecting the places has become too much work for even me.”
Jessica was listening very closely, after all, it wasn’t every day that you got to listen to a legendary pokemon speak. “I wish for you to protect this lake for me. You and your companion seem to enjoy it here, and I know you understand the true beauty of this lake.”
Now Jessica was just shocked. “You want me to protect this lake?! That’s impossible! I’m not a legendary like you are. I’m a trainer. I have places to go! I can’t stay here to protect this place. And even if I did, I don’t think I’m strong enough to.”
Suicune smiled, “Don’t worry Jessica. I have taken account for your life, and lack of strength. I have a new form for you take in protecting this lake. Receive it now!” A burst of energy shot out of Suicune, and ran right into Jessica. When she managed to regain her senses, Suicune was gone.
“Vappy! Did you see where he went?” She shook her head. “What did he mean, ‘new form?’” She walked over to the lake, only to double over in pain around her stomach.
Her knees landed right at the water’s edge, after she collapsed, allowing her to see the first of her changes. She started to feel hot all over, as her skin started to grow patches a blue fur. She watched as it grew out on her, her new sleek water proof fur. She took her hand away from her midsection and ran her hand down it, amazed at the fact that she actually had fur on her. It didn’t grown out much, just enough to make her furry.
The next change, she could feel on her face. She groaned a bit as her nose fused with her upper jaw. Then it grew out, making her muzzle. Her teeth and mouth reformed as she gained new sharper teeth. It was something she couldn’t take her eyes off of, as she stared, shocked at her reflection.  
Next were her ears, as they stretched up and out, followed immediately by a sharp pain on the top of her head. Her cartilage grew outwards, as the top of her ears hardened. She recognised the huge, finlike ears as being a Vaporeon’s, and knew what to expect when she saw a new fin grow from the top of her head, splitting her hair as it grew backwards. Speaking of her hair, it was getting shorter, and turning a very deep blue. Her scalp was turning the same color as her head with a point in front of her top fin.
Jessica’s attention was once again turned to the pain in her stomach as it reached new heights. She rubbed her belly in the hopes that she might relieve the pain, but it didn’t stop. She felt something coming up her throat and though she was going to throw up, but instead, a jet of water shot out her mouth. Water Powers! She thought to herself. Vappy was watching intently, wondering what was happening to her trainer. She walked over to Jessica and nuzzled her stomach, confirming that Jessica had the same type of fur that Vappy did.
Jessica howled out as pressure built up around her neck. Small bones grew out the sides as white webs grew between them, creating her fan. Vappy tried to comfort her trainer as she went through the mutation, but Jessica couldn’t feel anything outside her transformation.
The mutating Vaporeon then felt her spine stretch. She looked back as she saw her tail starting above her rear. She winced a bit as it got caught on swim suit, but it was quickly destroyed. She stared in amazement as it grew out to four feet long, twitching as it lengthened, before she managed to get control of it. The was a two feet wide that split into two pieces. She moved her tail around a bit, just to make sure she could work it. Her attention was forced on the tingling that shot through her entire spine and her tail. She felt a Vaporeon’s blue ridge came out through her skin.
Jessica was sitting there, trying to take in everything that was happening to her when she felt a warmth in her chest. She looked down and noticed that her breasts were growing! She had always been kind of flat, but now was expanding out to a D-cup! She unhooked her bra and cupped her hands of her new bust and revelled in the sensation, but soon, that warmth spread all over her body. She looked at herself and noticed that her muscles were growing! She continued to keep the look of shock and amazement, as she watched her arms and legs thicken. It wasn’t to long before she looked ripped! But it didn’t stop at ripped. Within seconds her arms were six inches thick, and her legs had doubled in size. She had an eight pack over her belly, and the muscle beneath her chest had given her another cup size! One thing she seemed to just notice. She was now a foot taller! She had shot up to over six feet tall, and was surprised by the new perspective once she stood up.
Believing that her transformation was finished, Jessica looked herself over to see what she had already seen, but just to make sure it was real. She lifted her tail up to eye level and stared at the fin. She ran her hands over her arms to feel her muscles. She ran her fingers over her ear fins, just to confirm she wasn’t dreaming it.
“What happened to you Jessica?” Jessica looked down to see her friend, looking up at her with a very confused look. “That was really weird, but cool! You got taller and stronger, and now, we’re the same species!”
Jessica was thinking about it right when the transformation hit her mind. Without noticing, she stopped thinking of Vappy as a pokemon, and more of a best friend. The lake took a very important place in her heart as she realised just how urgently this place needed to be protected from humans. That was another change. She was no longer human. She was a very beautiful Vaporeon morph. “I’m not exactly sure what happened... What was the name your mother gave you?”
Vappy was a bit shocked. Jessica had once said she wanted to know Vappy’s real name. “My real name is Valenqua! But I think I like Vappy as a nick name. So, are you going to stay as the lake guardian?” The whole situation was just now going through her mind as well. Vappy loved the idea of living in this lake. The pokemon here were fun, and the lake water was pure and clean.
Jessica was trying to decide that herself. She looked down at herself, and ran her hands over her fur. She was amazed at how powerful she was now, and how sexy her new form was, but she couldn’t go back to her old life. Why would I want to? she though Why go back to all that human violence, when I could live in paradise?  Her mind had mutated to put water in a special place in her priorities. Even now, being outside of the water, when there was so much in front her was driving Jessica insane! “Yes, let’s stay here. This lake is heavenly, and I should make sure no humans mess it up. Lets go swimming. I really want to get in that water.”
And for the rest of that day was spent swimming. Jessica went around the lake, trying to meet all the pokemon she would now be guarding. The whole experience of swimming was different now. She could swim much faster now of course, she had a powerful body built for the task, but she also had a sheer love of the act. It was more like a sheer love of water. Even she didn’t understand her new infatuation.
She was laying at the lake bottom, twenty feet down, and was staring up at the surface. She was enjoying being completely incased in water, especially now that she could breath it. Jessica started to imagine what it would be like to have the current run over her in just the right way. How it would feel to have the lake caress her. Then she was shocked when it actually happened! Thinking about just what was happening, Jessica thought about the water flowing sideways across her, and found that it did just that. “Vappy! Come here real fast! You need to see this!”
Vappy was there very quickly. She had been speaking with a Staryu near by. “What is it Jessica?”
“I can control the water in this lake!”
“Yep” Jessica focused on moving the water over Vappy’s back, the under her belly. She did a variety a tricks to show off her new talent. She was beaming with pride. That morning Jessica had been a boring old human. Now, she was an incredibly sexy lake goddess. “This is gonna be great!”
A trainer decides to relax at a lake. A very special lake.
Female to muscular Vaporeon
Part 1 of a 2 part series
I really like how this story turned out. While the focus of the story is the transformation, which I usualy try to avoid, I think I set part two up very nicely. I made an allusion to one of my other stories "My Pokemon, My Friend" If you have the time, please check that out to! ^-^
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gogeta17 Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
immortality isn't all that it's cracked up to be. you have to watch everyone close to you die, and you never die. ever watch eternity's end? saddest thing ever
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I didn't exacgtly have my guide book next to me when I was writing this. Small accuracies like that ususally don't mean much to me.
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Could you make a story of Jerry's sister and her pikachu please!
biffiea Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
I already did some time ago. It's My Pokemon, My Friend. One of the first things I wrote.
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